Submission Guidelines

Please read everything to ensure that you have the best chance of your work being accepted.

Submissions Open: Simlish Magazine is currently accepting submissions. The submission deadline is July 20, 2020, for August publication. 


Does the writing I submit have to be about a video game?

No. You can write about any subject. It does not have to have anything to do with video games.

Does the writing I submit have to have pictures with it?

Yes. Your writing must be accompanied by at least 1 screenshot from a video game of your choice. You can start with the screenshot and write something to go with it, or you can start with a piece of writing and then illustrate it later with screenshots.

What type of writing do you accept?

Almost anything. Types of work to consider submitting include but are not limited to microfiction, flash fiction, dialogue fiction, short stories, poetry, lyrics, collages that include or are accompanied by text, and nonfiction memoirs.

But what if I'm more of a visual artist?

Visual artists are encouraged to use video game screenshots to create visual pieces for submission. You can write a minimum of 10 words to go along with your piece, or you can collaborate with a writer to provide text for your visual art. 

What are your requirements?

Minimum Word Count: 10
Maximum Word Count: 2,000
Minimum Images: 1
Maximum Images: 30
Image(s) must be originally generated in a video game of your choice

How many pieces can I submit?

Please submit a maximum of 2 pieces per submission period. The minimum and maximum word and image counts are per piece.

Can I lighten, filter, or otherwise edit the screenshots I submit?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you accept previously published work?

Yes. I accept previously published work as well as work that is currently available on the internet, such as something that is currently published on your blog.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

Simultaneous submissions to publishers seeking exclusive rights are not accepted, but my response time is usually pretty quick.

Do you accept videos or gifs?

Videos are not accepted, but animated images are okay.

Can I submit erotic writing or images?

Submission should be rated “T for teen” both in text and images. Sensual is okay; graphic/explicit is not.

What are you looking for?

I am especially interested in the following 3 things at this time. 1) Collaborative work (work done in collaboration with another creator). 2) Collages (must include or be accompanied by a minimum of 10 words of text). 3) Excerpts from longer pieces (such as an excerpt from an ongoing story you publish on your blog or from a longer piece you’ve had published elsewhere; excerpts must have a clear beginning, middle, and end, and must contain some sort of crisis and resolution, whether positive or negative).

How much do you pay?

Zilch. This is not a profit-making endeavor, so I am unable to offer payment. I wish I could pay you what your wonderful creations are worth, but all I can offer is greater exposure.

What if English is not my first language? Should I still submit something?

I love to encourage those in the process of learning English to submit their work and will work with you to improve any learner errors if your piece is accepted.

Other Stuff You Should Know:

Images. Unedited images may be adjusted prior to publication in order to make them more easily viewable (such as lightening dark images). Your image may be used for navigation on this website (such as in a Table of Contents) or for promotional purposes on social media or other media apart from this website. Your images may be cropped, filtered, or altered in some other way (such as with an instagram filter) when used for navigation or promotional purposes.

Text. Excerpts from your story may be used for promotional purposes.

Awards. After an edition has been published, there will be up to 3 awards given out to authors: the Editor’s Choice Award, the Judge’s Choice Award, and the People’s Choice Award. For more information, go to the Awards page.  

Formatting. See the Formatting Guidelines page for information on how to send and format your work. Go to the AuthorBio page for help writing your bio.

Legal Stuff. By submitting your work, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the publication terms described on this page. By submitting your work, you agree to grant the publisher the right to make your work available on the web, the right to keep your work in the archives indefinitely, and the right to excerpt portions of your accepted work (text and/or images) in order to promote the magazine. All other rights remain property of the author.

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